The Circular Consumer is "a platform that empowers you to rethink your consumption habits and inspires you to create your zero waste lifestyle." I provide the following types of brand design collateral when I work with clients on their brand and marketing. 
I think it is important to show the 'inbetween' work (below). This type of document helps to demystify the creative process, giving the client greater agency and involvement in their identity design. 
Brand Design Part 1 - Creative Brief
Using a questionnaire that is informed by education, intuition, and curiosity, I develop the creative brief. 
Brand Design Part 1 - Mood Boards, Font, Slogan & Colour Explorations
Brand Design Part 2 - Concept 1 Quick Turnover for Soft Launch
Brand Design Part 2 - presentation of 3 concepts
Brand Design Part 3 - Development of Concept 1, Part 1
Brand Design Part 3 - Development of Circular Consumer concept using a selection of iterations
Some ideas I share with clients, others I don't. The following are contact sheets that I keep for my own use. All ideas and iterations are organized in a contact sheet as a part of my workflow. 
This is a useful asset to have later down the line, where going back several steps in the thought process can become invaluable. 
Brand Design Part 4 - The Benefit of Sharing Your Rough Ideas
Because I shared my design thinking with my client, they were able to illuminate a path I wouldn't have considered (circled below). 
This selection was a pleasant surprise and instantly opened up a far more sophisticated and geometrically inspired direction. It was a perfect expression of how important the client is to the creative process and how fundamental proper communication is when moving through the feedback and implementation loop. 
Brand Design Part 5 - The Final Identity Package

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