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My full name is Nicolay Bastos, but everyone calls me Nicky. 
Thank you for visiting my site!
I currently work as a Graphic Designer within Blanche Macdonald's Marketing Team.
However, I am available as a freelancer for select long-term or short-term projects. 
If your project is urgent, be sure to get in touch ASAP. I respond to all business emails within 24 - 48 hours at nicolaybastos@gmail.com.

I work with Adobe Creative, regularly using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 
I love working with AfterEffects to produce video content and would love to do more work like this! 
I design logos, brand identities, print layouts, editorial layouts, style guides, letterheads, packaging, social media banners/collateral, event posters, infographics, invitations, and more. I do product photography, image editing, and retouching. 
This portfolio represents a selection of my best work. For other examples and inquiries, contact me via email. 

I write clear and engaging content for a number of online businesses. My work includes academically researched blog articles, product and collection descriptions, and social media posts. 
My tone is flexible and adaptable to your product or service, with an essential emphasis on SEO and driving traffic to your corner of the web. 
Well-versed in Shopify and Wordpress, I take the headache out of posting copy to your site for an additional hourly rate. That way you can focus on what's important: running your business!
​​​​​​​A list of URLs to my current work is available upon request from nicolaybastos@gmail.com.

As an abstact artist, I like to explore various concepts using geometric abstraction. My original art is deeply autobiographical, using diary writing, ephemera, and other mixed media
I absolutely love working with clients on commissions and consider this some of the most rewarding work I've done! 
I am extremely flexible and can produce digital and analogue art, including prints, 2D art in various mediums, murals, collaborations, and more. 
An Etsy store is in the works for easy ordering of originals and the odd run-off of prints. In the meantime, peruse my artwork here
For original art commissions, print requests, and direct sales, contact me at nicolaybastos@gmail.com
Creative Consulting

The side hustle has become the new norm, right? Certainly, I've seen an uptick in individual clients needing a helping hand or a second opinion on one or more elements of their self-initiated creative endeavours. 
Whether you're starting a new business, making your first YouTube video, or self-publishing a book, I can help you see the forest for the trees!
No creative job is too big or too small. Everything can be broken down into simple, workable tasks that will help you reach your goal.
I offer one hour consultations and monthly retainer services. For more information on how I can help smooth out the bumps of your creative project, contact me at nicolaybastos@gmail.com
Get in touch :) 

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A data leak recently forced me to clean up my digital footprint. I realize it appears obtuse for a digital marketing professional to straight up not 'do' social media. But I simply wasn’t using Facebook or Instagram anymore and it made sense to ditch the accounts to simplify my life.
Connect with me on LinkedIn. I also respond to business inquiries via email, within 24-48 hours at nicolaybastos@gmail.com.
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